Future State Vision Workshop

The Future State Vision Workshop is about building alignment as a team or small business in order to focus your efforts, provide more value for those you serve, and generate more revenue. It's intended for individuals or teams with bright ideas who are struggling to bring those dreams to life. It was designed with remote teams in mind, giving you the flexibility to complete each exercise digitally.

You'll start with a current state assessment of your customer experience today, analyzing the different touch points customers have with you throughout the customer lifecycle. We'll talk about your customer's goals and interests, the sentiment they feel towards your brand, and the different tools and technology used to interact with your customers throughout the journey. Using this anecdotal data (or real data if you're tracking it!) we'll focus on areas for improvement or net new business opportunities. 

Throughout the interactive and collaborative exercises, we'll revisit the business problem you're trying to solve, brainstorm solutions, refine your target audience, prioritize each initiative, then build a roadmap for success. 

At the end of this self-paced, digital workshop you'll walk away with:

  • A refined problem-statement, focusing on why you do what you do rather than what you do

  • Tangible documents, like persona bios,  customer journey maps, and a prioritized roadmap for the next year

  • Reusable templates and team exercises 

  • A sense of clarity and new purpose, whether you're a soloprenuer or small team 

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We'll start by reviewing the current state customer journey and take inventory of what is and isn't working. Before designing the future state, we'll revisit your business problem statement.


Review Your Current State Journey

Refine Business Problem 



Next we'll define your target audience in more detail and brainstorm potential solutions that address their goals and/or pain points.

Define Your Target Audience

Brainstorm Solutions



Last, we'll prioritize each of your ideas by level of effort and priority to gain clarity on where you should focus your efforts before building out a final timeline and roadmap for the next year.

Prioritize Your Efforts

Build a Roadmap for Success


You struggle to articulate what and why you do what you do
You're unclear who your customer segment is and why they need your products and services
You frequently find yourself spinning in circles to create content, build your business, and provide value
All these things prevent you from showing up and sharing your story and gifts with the world