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7 Travel Friendly Health and Wellness Essentials

If you're anything like me then you're a woman on the go in need of more sleep and self-care. I've always considered myself healthy, but after graduating college, getting married, and starting my career as a consultant all within a 3 month period, I suddenly found it hard to take care of myself with all the change and stress that was introduced into my life.

My vitamin D levels were low, I was dealing with ridiculous self-induced anxiety and stress, I had mono, vertigo, chronic sinus infections, the list goes on. It wasn't until I found an amazing doctor by the name of Allison, a Physician's Assistant who specializes in natural health, that I was able to slowly gain back my vitality. Allison emphasizes what she refers to as the Foundations of Healing: Love, Sense of Purpose, Nutrition & Hydration, Stress Regulation, Detox, Movement, Sleep and Connection & Play. She's been a ray of sunshine in my life, helping me heal emotionally and physically, and live life with more fullness since I met her over a year ago.

Since I travel so frequently for work, maintaining my optimal self is sometimes a challenge. These are some of my favorite natural products - little gems I keep in my backpack and suitcase to keep me moving and feel closer to home.

Now Essential Oils and Roller Bottle | Steadfast and Graceful

I love to diffuse essential oils at home and create roller bottles filled with essential oils. When I create roller bottles I typically combine lavender or frankincense with a carrier oil, such as jojoba oil. They're great for travel and part of my bedtime routine.

Rooted Plant Based Wellness Shots | Steadfast and Graceful

These plant based wellness shots were included in my gift bag at Create and Cultivate's 2019 Small Business Summit, but have already become a staple in my travel routine. They come in three flavors and are so tasty! The Strawberry Orange flavor is my favorite, but I also love the kick of the turmeric and cayenne flavors. Living out of a hotel room half of the time can make it difficult to get the nutrients and superfoods I need, but Rooted makes it easy to store away a couple wellness shots in my backpack for the week.

Organic Ginger Powder | Green Superfood | Steadfast and Graceful

Some other wellness favorites! Costco carries these Green Superfood Antioxidant packets that I mix in my water when on the go. I also bought this Organic Ginger Powder of off amazon and love to mix it with lemon water to fight nausea and inflammation.

Roasted Dandelion Root | Steadfast and Graceful

You won't find me harvesting this in my backyard, but it is my favorite part of my bedtime routine. Dandelion Root is supposedly rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Integrative Therapeutics | Cortisol Manager | Lavender

When your girl just needs a chill pill. Integrative Therapeutics is my go to for stress and anxiety. I take Lavela Lavender pills for occasional anxiety and Cortisol Manager for adrenal support.

There's your peak inside my travel essentials! Taking a natural approach to health has become an integral part of my life, especially after experiencing my personal low and watching loved ones fight diseases, like Parkinson's and Diabetes.

I hope these tips encourage you to make room for things that invigorate and inspire you. Remember, we're all a work in progress!


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