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Oars + Alps Skincare Products for Men

I recently discovered Oars + Alps while reading a blog post on the TheEveryGirl about co-founders, Mia and Lauren. I was originally inspired by how the duo met and the story behind their brand, but realized I had stumbled upon the perfect skincare brand to introduce to my husband.

Prior to Oars + Alps, he had the attitude that he didn’t need skincare products. Who could blame him? There aren’t very many skincare products targeted towards men to begin with. Oars + Alps was inspired for that very reason. The co-founders saw their husbands’ need for grooming products and lack of options as an opportunity. Mia’s husband rows professionally, and both husbands are avid skiers so they settled on the name Oars + Alps for their skincare line. Made with natural ingredients like Alpine Caribou Moss, Amazonian Clay, and Juniper Berries, Oars + Alps aims to cleanse the skin and protect from the grime of everyday life.

From travel bags, to face cream and soap bars, they have a nice selection of products and accessories to choose from. I purchased the Alps Bar and Face Kit, which is infused with ingredients to moisturize the skin and remove impurities. They also offer a subscription service to have your favorite products delivered on a 2-4 month basis.

Since Clark started using Oars + Alps, he’s noticed great results. His favorite product is the Power Cleansing Face Stick because it's "easy to put on and smells like the outdoors." If you’re looking for a way to introduce some rugged and manly luxury in to your man’s life, check out Oars + Alps.

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