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Lo & Sons Tote For Work + Travel

I’m on the go a lot and have a tendency to overpack, so naturally I’m on the hunt for anything that’s stylish, functional, and durable.

I decided to try out Lo & Son’s Seville Laptop tote, which is without a doubt, my favorite bag for the office and travel. It has ample and accessible storage pockets to keep your passport, tech accessories, and personal items neat and tidy. It comes in two sizes and 11 different shell colors, allowing you to change the exterior without the fuss of switching bags. In addition, it includes a lightweight softshell for convenient travel.

I already have a black 13-inch bag for work, but struggle to fit additional items like my Canon camera or larger books in my bag. I was tempted to buy a 15-inch black bag because I’m OCD about color, but went with another neutral option, the "LIGHT GREY SAFFIANO LEATHER / GOLD HARDWARE / BLACK INTERIOR.


Lo & Sons was created by a 60-yr old woman named Helen who had searched endlessly for a bag perfect for her travel lifestyle. Her options were either “too heavy, too frumpy, too techy, overpriced, overly designed, or pocketless black holes,” so her two sons left their respective day jobs in advertising and product design research to help turn her dream into reality. In addition to the Seville Laptop Tote, Lo & Sons has a wide variety of bags for men and women, including, camera bags, crossbody bags, and weekenders, to name a few. 

Travel Shell

Given my overpacking habits, my bags are usually too heavy to carry comfortably. I’m used to balancing my bag on top of my suitcase when traveling, but the Seville comes with a sleeve for sliding over your suitcase handle - Aka easy wheeling. The zipper allows you to change the size of the opening for luggage handles of various sizes.

I love how the travel shell turns the bag from business to casual within minutes, while still maintaining a clean and chic look because of the luxury nylon material. When not attaching to a suitcase handle, the outer sleeve doubles as an extra storage compartment! But when you arrive at your destination, it’s easy to swap back into the leather shell for an elegant office look.


Stylish and Functional

When it comes to bags, rarely do you find ones that are stylish and functional.

This bag has it all.

Favorite style aspects:

  • Shell - I love that I can change the exterior without unpacking and repacking every item, from my laptop to lipstick and tampons.

  • Gold accents / hardware

  • The Saffiano leather is durable and scratch-resistant and the Vachetta leather develops a rich patina with wear

Favorite functional aspects:

  • The interior slips out of one Shell and into another within minutes!

  • Padded laptop compartment fits up to 15-inch laptops

  • Lots of storage compartments

  • Key Leash - I’m used to digging for my keys at the bottom of my bag...

  • Lighter interior makes it easy to find smaller items

  • Buttons by Cobrax, an Italian producer of high-end hardware, keep the shell and interior fastened

  • Outer zipper to keep things secure inside


The Verdict

The grey takes on a lavender tone in certain lights but is absolutely beautiful and a great addition to your wardrobe+accessories if you already own a high quality black/tan/white bag. The 15-inch feels a little large for everyday at the office but I love having a chic bag large enough for my camera + laptop + book + notepad, makeup and all my other accessories. All in all, Seville is a great stylish and durable bag for the modern woman.

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