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Adding Download Forms with Free Content to Your Website with ConvertKit

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Back when I first started out blogging I noticed a lot of other bloggers and businesses would offer free resources, tools, and templates in exchange for your name and email. But I couldn't figure out how to add a form to my blog post for the life of me! For example, I host my website on Wix and currently, Wix doesn't even offer that feature when creating a blog post.

You know the saying - if one person has a question then there's sure to be lots of other people who probably do too, so today I'm sharing how to add a form with a download to a Wix blogpost using ConvertKit.

What's the Purpose and Strategy? Offering freebies on your website is a great way to start growing your email list, with the ultimate goal of blasting emails to your audience to notify them of new content, courses, or products. When you offer a freebie download, it also gives your audience the taste of what the full paid product is like. Consider offering free content as a way to establish trust with your audience.

Step 1: Create a form in ConvertKit (or similar marketing automation platform, like Drip or Kartra). ConvertKit offers a free trial. After that, starting prices is $29/month up to 1,000 subscribers. It also gives you the option of being billed monthly or annually.

Step 2: Define what happens when they click the link in the email to download the resource. You can add a direct link to an online document like a Google Doc or Spreadsheet, or upload a physical image or PDF to ConvertKit.

Step 3: Click Embed in the top right corner of ConvertKit (image above), then copy the HTML code to add to your website.

Step 4: Add the code to your blog post or website.

Step 5: Add the code to your Wix, Squarespace, or Wordpress website

  • Wix: Navigate to the blog post you want to add the form to and click insert HTML code. Once you paste the code and click save, the code will render and display the form, perfectly embedded within your blog post.

  • Squarespace: Navigate to the blog post you want to add the form to and click Code to insert the HTML

  • Wordpress: Head back over to ConvertKit and copy the Javascript code. Within your Wordpress blog post click on Text and copy the code. Preview your page and click Publish!

And there you have it! Add a form to your website in minutes to start growing your email list. When someone enters their name and email they'll receive an email to first subscribe to your mailing list and then download/access the document.


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