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14 Days of Instagram Post Ideas + Plus an Instagram Content Planning Template

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

I've found that the most challenging part about blogging isn't the website, the content, or the marketing, but the failure to plan out content ahead of time. So I've put together 14 days of Instagramable ideas you can customize to fit your brand. As you read through each idea and start to plan out content, I encourage you to think about your theme for the month or the quarter. I felt bogged down by all the things I could write about, but once I focused on a theme for the season I gained clarity on what it is I should be writing about. Once you establish that, writing captions becomes more natural too!

For example, are you launching a new brand/business? Consider focusing on content that explains who you are, what you do, and posts that help you establish credibility (#1, #2, or #8). Are you trying to build deeper relationships with existing followers? Try posting more behind the scene pics or Ask Me Anything posts/stories (#3 or #5).

Assuming you post on Instagram 3-4 times a week, here's 3-4 weeks worth of ideas to start planning out your month:

#1: Pro Tip or Q&A

Show your expertise by sharing useful tips with your audience. A great start point is sharing answers to frequently asked questions. Take it to the next level by creating an Instagram highlight called 'FAQ' or 'Q&A', then post to your story so new followers can easily find questions to their initial questions when they stumble upon your feed.

#2: Expert Tips, How To, Advice, Lesson Learned

Let you followers in on you favorite hack, how to, advice, or lesson learned. Peak their interest with the caption and photo, then add a link to a more detailed blog post in your bio to drive traffic to your website or freebies.

#3: Behind the Scenes

Share a snapshot of your day-to-day, like a behind the scenes of a new product, course, or photoshoot you're working on for your business. Consider ways you can add more flare and personality. For example, post a picture or story of you doing something a little off brand, but tie it back with a relatable caption. For example, I was in New York for my day job and was hanging out at the Alaska Airlines Lounge at JFK after wrapping up a Marketing Automation project for an east coast bank. I posted a picture of the Alaska Lounge with a brief update on my trip. I tied it back to my interest in digital strategy, while still highlighting some travel (another aspect of my blog), all while managing to snap a picture that clearly fits my aesthetic.

#4: Sneak Peek or Reveal

Give your followers a sneak peek on something that’s currently in the works or coming soon in your business. Some of my favorite bloggers and influencers often due this and I find myself checking back in for updates. You can also drip content over a series of days or weeks until you reveal the launch of a new product, offering, opportunity, etc.

#5: AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Invite your followers to ask you anything about your industry, specific service/product, or just you

in general. This is a great way to boost engagement and built relationships with your followers. For example, you might post a headshot of you in your Story and prompt your audience to ask you anything about x,y,z. Alternatively, you might post a photo of your favorite coffee shop, desk or studio where you're working on something specific, encouraging your audience to ask their burning questions!

#6: Quote or Affirmation

I love using Canva to make professional looking quote graphics in a few simple clicks. Grit and Virtue does an exceptional job adding quotes, phrases, and affirmations to solid colored backgrounds and photo overlays. This is a wonderful way to motivate your audience and share a quote that is on brand with your business or blog. When planned ahead of time, it can look really cohesive with the rest of your feed.

#7: Vote or Weigh In

Ask your audience for help making a decision, whether it's what shoes to wear with your new top or what type of content they would like to see next.

#8: The Best Thing About Your Job

What's something you love about your job? Is it the people you get to meet and inspire, the places and cultures you get to experience, the freedom or creativity your job or side hustle provides? Express your gratitude and share what makes you show up, day after day.

#9: Shoutout

Pay a tribute to one of your loyal customers, mentors, or even a brand, entrepreneur, activist, or other blogger that inspires you.

#10: Freebie

Grow your opt-in and email list by sharing freebies. Either create a freebie for a new product or blog post you're currently working on, or recycle some old content and remind your audience and new followers of existing resources.

#11: Common Misconception

Share a common misconception about your field or profession.

#12: Did You Know

What’s something unique about your business or personal story that's relevant to share with your followers? It could be your journey to what got you started as a blogger or small business owner. Or it could be something specific about your business that makes you stand out from your competitors.

#13: Flash Sale

Surprise your followers with a limited time sale, like a percentage off their next purchase when they enter a certain code. This also helps create a sense of urgency to buy!

#14: Follower Repost

Reposting the content of others is a great way to express interest in other's content and post on-brand content. Use an app like Repost to repost your favorite Instagram pictures, all while giving credit to the original Instagrammer.


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